Big Picture Education

Engaging one student at a time.

Big Picture wants to make schools better for young people.

They design break-through public schools, research and replicate new designs for education, train educators to serve as leaders in their schools and communities, and actively engage the public as participants and decision makers in the education of our young people.

Big Picture believes that true learning takes place when each student actively participates in his or her education, when his or her course of study is personalised by teachers, parents and mentors who know him or her well, and when school-based learning is blended with outside experiences that heighten the student's interest.

They achieve exceptionally high student attendance rates (94% on average) and very low drop-out rates (2% on average).

See how a bike can help turn around a child's education.

Our Foundation has provided Big Picture Education Australia with a long term grant of $870,000 over three years. With our funding Big Picture has undertaken research and teacher training programs to help prove their model in Australia.

Alex lights up the Opera House story

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