Good Beginnings

Investing in our children’s future is the most effective investment of all.

Some children arrive for their first day of school without having achieved basic developmental milestones, such as recognising letters and shapes, using complete sentences or recognising the names of simple objects in a picture book. These children can spend the rest of their school years trying to catch up, and many never do.

Good Beginnings is a national children’s charity that believes every Australian child should grow up safe, happy and healthy. By providing effective early intervention and practical parenting programs, they are building better outcomes for young children and their families in vulnerable communities.

Research has shown that for every $1 a community invests in early-intervention with vulnerable or disadvantaged children, up to $16 in benefits are realised through the life of that child.

Their programs are free to children and families and include supported playgroups and literacy programs, fathering initiatives, at-home volunteer visits for new parents and intensive family support.

Since 1997 Good Beginnings has helped over 50,000 young children and their families.

With the support of our Foundation, Good Beginnings is helping children and their families better prepare for school, by extending their Learn2Grow Early Years Learning Project into the regions of Gladstone and Emerald in Queensland.

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