Creating ‘real world’ science for students

Two worlds came together when scientists from Origin’s gas business spent the day working with teachers from socio-economically disadvantaged schools in Queensland.

The Collaborative Classroom program is run across Australia by the Beacon Foundation. It brings classroom teachers and business people together, to share knowledge and develop teaching tools that help students connect what they are learning in the classroom with the ‘real world’.

The outputs are a series of industry-focused lessons for students, which Origin’s environmental scientists will help present.

Origin Environmental Scientist, Ed Hurley, found it a really worthwhile experience. “I really enjoyed interacting with the teachers to share the passion of Environment. The day went very well. I believe that we learned from each other and I am excited to deliver the outcomes.”

Dan Luva teaches a senior physics class at Nambour High School, which includes units on generating electricity and alternative energies. Working together, Ed and Dan developed a lesson plan for Year 11 and 12 physics students, to help connect the curriculum with real-life career paths.

Dan thinks that a visit from an industry professional will be invaluable for his students and said that “there is nothing more powerful than bringing real world examples into the classroom – the kids really respond”.

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