Flexible learning for Ferizan

Ferizan Kus was an engineer in Turkey before moving to Australia 16 years ago. She chose to move into education when her second daughter was in kindergarten and now works as an Early Childhood Educator at Mission Australia’s Mt Hutton Early Learning Centre.

Thanks to a scholarship from the Origin Foundation, Ferizan is studying for a degree in Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies through Charles Sturt University.

“I thought early childhood education could be a good career for me as I really liked the school environment. I started this career path by gaining two qualifications and I’ve now been able to use these to gain credit for University study.” Ferizan’s hard work and dedication is now being realised, recently passing the half way mark of the degree.

English is not Ferizan’s first language but Mission Australia provides the additional support she needs. Scholarship recipients can also enrol at a university suitable to their location, with part-time and flexible study options.

“I love this job as I get to help the children learn at a young age and work closely with the families to meet their children's needs.” Ferizan Kus

"Every early childhood educator we assist in improving their skills is helping hundreds of children who they will teach over the years, " said Sean Barrett, Head of our Foundation.

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