I worried I would fail

Erin Reardon wasn’t sure where she was headed, even right up to the HSC.

When her Mum suggested physiotherapy, Erin was unconvinced. But with an interest in the human body and a passion for helping people, it was worth a try.

But becoming a physiotherapist meant leaving family and friends in Temora, the small town where Erin grew up. The Country Education Foundation helps young people living in regional and rural Australia to reach their educational potential, and they provided Erin with a grant to help with university expenses.

Now fully qualified, Erin has been surprised by the variety and opportunities for physiotherapists to work in regional Australia. Reflecting on her final years of school, Erin now believes that “school is practice for university, and university is practice for life.”

Hear her story below…

In 2020 we celebrate 10 years of philanthropy. Thanks to the work of our partners, with our support, more than 62,000 young Australians have used education to become the best that they can be.

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