Izak: Where is he now?

We first met Izak when he was school captain and a grade 6 student at Gawura, a primary school for Indigenous students, right in heart of Sydney’s CBD.

As a happy 11 year old, Izak had bright plans for his future, was excelling at maths and planning a career as a doctor. You can meet him here, together with former classmate Biwali.

We caught up with Izak two years later, now a year 8 student at St Andrews Cathedral School, and we were delighted to learn that he’s well on his way to realising his dreams.

25 young Indigenous students undertake Gawura’s intensive literacy and numeracy program in an environment that celebrates and strengthens Indigenous culture. On completing year 6, Gawura graduates like Izak are offered secondary scholarships to St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

Our Foundation is proud to be supporting the progression of the Gawura model, to help more Indigenous students like Izak succeed. Read more about our partnership with Gawura.

More about our partnership with Gawura