Jack’s getting back on track

Imagine being a child and feeling sick to your stomach every time an excursion is announced at school, knowing you’ll miss out again.

For years, South Australian teenager Jack, and his younger brother, experienced that sinking feeling all the time in school. Going in and out of foster care, childhood hasn’t been easy for them. Now recently returned to live with their single mother, she’s found it hard to give the boys the basics they need for school, like stationary and uniforms.

Many children who face hardship are often distracted at school and easily fall behind. In fact, Jack was desperate to leave school as soon as he could. The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) aims to tackle this issue head-on through a program that distributes $50 vouchers to country families in need, to help with school essentials.

FRRR’s Back to School program provides families in need with gift vouchers that can be redeemed for stationery, textbooks, school uniforms, clothing, school bags, and other items necessary for school. It’s surprising what a difference $50 can make.

For Jack and his brother, the vouchers provided clothing and other essentials which meant they could participate in excursions and camps with their classmates. Thanks to FRRR, Jack is starting to see a brighter future ahead, and getting back on track.

Young people living in rural and regional Australia face more hurdles when it comes to education than their metropolitan counterparts. The Origin Foundation has partnered with FRRR since 2013, providing $500,000 to date, to help children like Jack focus on learning again.

We have changed Jack's name to protect his privacy.

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