Slice of science

Did you know… 2-3kg of our body weight is made up of bacteria alone? Or, that there’s more living organisms in a handful of soil, than the total number of humans that has ever walked the planet!?

Hear more fun facts about science from Marianne Haines in these short ‘Slice of Science’ videos.

Marianne is an environmental microbiologist and our 2018 General Sir John Monash scholar . With our support she’s studying for her PhD in Calgary, Canada, looking at ways to make energy from fungi, algae and bacteria.

Like us, Marianne is passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists. Together we made this series of short videos to show young people how a career in the sciences can help save lives and create a cleaner, healthier world.

Whether they’re developing vaccines, finding cleaner ways to generate energy, or better ways to grow food, scientists play a crucial role in society. As Marianne says, “the great thing about science is you can be part of the solution, not the problem.”

The house the kids built

Start your balloon and solar powered engines

Creating real-world science