You don't have to know what you want to do

There were only three other teenagers in the small town where Michael Ison grew up – and one of those was his brother!

Michael knew from an early age that becoming a builder or a farmer wasn’t for him.

When he left to study Advertising and Marketing at the University of Canberra, Michael began a journey that would ultimately lead him to a career in the video gaming industry.

The challenge of moving to a big city for university was made a little easier with the support of the Country Education Foundation, who helped Michael to pay for rent, text books and a laptop for his studies.

Young people living in regional and rural Australia don’t have the same access to further education and training as their metropolitan peers.

Michael, who now works for the world's leading gaming and interactive live streaming platform, reveals he doesn’t have a life-long plan: “I just try to do the best version of the job I’m doing right now so that when the next opportunity comes along, I’ll be best placed to go for it.”

Hear his story below…

In 2020 we celebrated 10 years of philanthropy. Thanks to the work of our partners, with our support, more than 62,000 young Australians have used education to become the best that they can be.

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